12 Rules for Women in the Gym

You have made up your mind to incorporate rigorous workouts as a part of your daily routines and utilize the benefits of gym in the best possible way. However, working out in a gym can be risky if you have not worked out for long or if you suffer from health conditions, which may increase the chances of injuries. Majority of women face injuries as they don’t give enough time to themselves in order to get well versed with the exercise. 

Some of the DO's and DON'Ts for women in the gym are as follows:
Rule #1: If you plan to increase your fitness activity or begin a workout program in a gym, then do consult your doctor before you begin your workouts, especially if you suffer from chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes or high blood pressure.
Rule #2: Do keep in mind the rule of working out safely in the gym
Rule #3: Do not go for high intensity workouts at the initial stage, instead go slow and set the intensity as well as the duration of your workout at a slow pace.
Rule #4: Wear shoes that fit you well and offer the right kind of support to your body type and activity.
Rule #5: Do not wear clothes that are inappropriate for gyms. Go for fabrics that absorb sweat and remove it from your skin such as loose fit and light weight cotton that is absolutely fine.
Rule #6: Wear sports bras that are supportive and not too tight.
Rule #7: Do not wear plastic or rubber belts or suits as they lead to serious health risks due to overheat and dehydration.
Rule #8: Ensure that your gym instructor is from a certified agency. And also, the trainer should hold certifications of first aid to take required action during emergencies.
Rule #9: Tell your gym instructor beforehand about your medical limitations if any. If your gym instructor is well trained, then he would proactively ask you such important questions in your first session.
Rule #10: Do not perform workouts unless you have followed the instructions in a correct manner, as they may lead to physical injuries.
Rule #11: Seek guidance of your trainer from time to time without hesitation.
Rule #12: Do not continue with your workouts if you experience the symptoms given below. Do consult your doctor before you proceed further when you suffer from:
                       - Pain in the middle or left part of your chest, shoulder or arm
                       - Sickness or Dizziness
                       - Cramps in the muscles
                       - Pain in your bones, ankles, joints or feet

These are some of the DO's and DON'Ts for women that help them to perform workouts in a safe and effective manner in a gym. You may experience discomfort during workouts which is quite normal. When you challenge your body to perform more than it is habituated to, you may expect to notice sore muscles after a workout. With the help of these tips, women will understand their limits and needs better when they perform physical activities in a gym.
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Women and the Myth of Bulking Up

Many women who are going to the gym are worrying too much about “getting big”. This is far from being truth and even if they would want to, it would be very difficult.  And this is because they do not have the same testosterone levels as a male, in fact, a woman has the same levels as a 10 year old boy, and you don’t see many 10 year old boys with bulky muscles do you?

The truth is, as a woman, if you feel like you are bulking up then it is almost certainly not the case, unless you have the same level of testosterone as a man (that means you have a deep voice and lots of hair on your body). Whilst many men are able to bulk up naturally, women are unable to do so, and the women that have accomplished this either do it through steroids, a lot of supplements but mainly through hours and hours of repetitive weight training. Some women have likened this to a full time job. Even then, those women that have accomplished gaining a little bulk have done it at a small scale. Whilst their muscles may be more pronounced, usually they aren’t really that much bigger than an average male. This comes through a lot of exercise a week (we are talking 1-2 hours per day) combined with a proper diet and lots of supplements and anabolic steroids (in the case of professional female bodybuilders)

If you are a woman that feels like they are bulking up during exercise then you are probably getting a false perception. Often, this comes down to the amount that you are eating. If your clothes are getting tighter then you are building up fat not muscle. This is quite easy to do as many people eat more in order to give themselves the energy required for exercise and thus they consume many more calories. Standard exercising is not enough to burn off all this excess weight.

In order to bulk up your muscles you will also need to have repetitive exercise and constantly push yourself to the edge, and pushing yourself to the edge is something that is difficult to do on standard exercise plans. In fact, did you know that ‘bulking’ up is incredibly difficult for both males and females alike? This is because the muscles are built to a set size, i.e. they need to fit to your bones. They will only get bigger if they need to and most of the time, even if you push them to the edge there is absolutely no need for them to get bigger.

So why do people become leaner as opposed to bulked up during exercise? It is because the muscles shrink in order to become more efficient, part of the reason why you see so many marathon runners out there with skinny legs. If you are a woman then don’t worry about bulking up. You can get healthy and fit without doing it, in fact, without real effort you will never become bulky.

So stop worrying about getting “too big” and continue including weights in your workouts! You won’t become a huge bodybuilder but instead you will become much more toned, which is what many women are aiming for anyway. If you are looking for a complex Fitness program that shows you exactly “how to get fit without getting big” then we highly recommend you the “Reveal the Steel Program”. It combines workouts and diets for women with programs for men, so your husband or boyfriend could use it too! Simply click here to find out more info!

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